Just Go................Hiking!

Somedays it is not about the bike, in fact somedays it is all about the hike!
Case in point is a Saturday morning bushwalk around Brisbane's Mt Coot-Tha.
Lets have a look.

For once I will obey the signs and use the walking trail for ummm walking!

As I step along the trail it is hard not to imagine handlebars in my hands.
I am constantly plotting which line to take, or what gear to be in.....
But I must remember that I am not on a bike today........

This means NO bikes.......
Lets have a closer look and see what sights there are in the forest......

All of this within a stone's throw of the city.....

Victorian Seascapes Vol. 7

For the new year I was able to visit my family in Victoria.
Normally the trip is filled with cycling and hundreds of kilometers of
Base training, however this year I was keen to do more exploring
with the snorkel and on foot.
The following photos are some of the magic sights that I have come across
while beachcombing on the coast.

The coast around here can be very rugged,
this year the conditions were a lot rougher than usual.
As always, my favourite tidal pools were the best place for snorkelling.
I was lucky enough to see a wobbygong shark and a few stingrays.
The tidal zone is an endless cycle of waves and tides,
The power of the surf on the rocks is quite amazing!
This part of the coast contains evidence of a massive split in the Earth's
crust over 500 million years ago. Since then the layers have been buckled over and over!
The marine life underwater is quite amazing!
The low tide is a great time to look for marine life in the pools.
Let's see if we can find a crab to photograph.
Here is a shot of some seaweeds clinging onto the rocks.
This place look interesting! Lets have a look.
Now that looks like a good snorkelling spot!

Another day at the beachcombers office.
Stay tuned for some more underwater videos.

The game changer- legal performance enhancement

Be careful out there! Think twice before eating something that falls out of someone else's back pocket!

Down the Pipeline!

The return of the Miffstar meant it was time to get on the MTB's and head out to Brisbane's Gap Creek Reserve for some skills sessions.
After a good warm up on the legendary Skink Link, it was time to head up to the "Pipeline" trail.

Mmmm rocks are the way!
I was riding the old faithful- The Trek 9.8.
It was sort of different being on a hardtail again,
But it didn't take me long to point and shoot on the descent.
Still, it has to be said that 'V' brakes can be a bit dodgy at times!

Miff was riding the 'Superlight' she was flying down the trails with no fear!

We were really looking forward to the wooden berm.

Once through the berm it was time for more rocks!

This is a really fun trail, well worth the climbing to get there!

Little did she know, that after the downhill track came a big Hike-A-Bike up to 'Vietnam'.

Such fun we had!

Thanks to the Miffstar!!
Must be time for a beer!

Bye Bye Buddha.......!

There has been alot of noise opposite the temple lately. Earthmovers have moved in on the famous "Chocolate Buddha" singletrack in Logan's Underwood Park Area.
As the land is one of 3 privately owned blocks, this day has been expected for many years......

With the help of fossil fuels and mechanical devices, we humans can turns koala habitat into mulch in the space of one day! Support your local environment and buy some mulch today!

My favourite singletrack will soon be someone's home, damn people who live in houses......Wait! No! I'm one of those people too...!

If only I could chain my self to a tree in protest, but there's none left!

Oh no! here comes the local constable.

Ummmm.... Lets see if I can talk my way out of this one, I don't like being tasered!

RIP my Buddha mate........

UQ Club Criterium Champs 2011- Photos

On the calendar for Saturday morning was the 2011 Club Championships, never mind that a massive thunderstorm was approaching from the west.

Photo credit- Mighty MorboMorbo
The race got underway in a light drizzle, the normal suspects were seen on the front as the powerplays ensued for the 90 minute criterium.

Photo credit- Mighty MorboMorbo
As the race progressed, there were many breakaway attempts, The light drizzle was fast turning into a full blown thunderstorm with lots of lightning strikes.

Photo credit- Mighty MorboMorbo
The wind was playing havoc with the now-splintered peloton, visibility was low and the conditions were favouring the hardmen.

Photo credit- Mighty MorboMorbo
I found my back wheel to be sliding around in the corners which was a little unexpected, when I got on the straight, I bunny hopped the bike and discovered a very low pressure in the rear wheel, time to pull out after 1 hour........ sigh!

Photo credit- Mighty MorboMorbo

Photo credit- Mighty MorboMorbo
In the end the race was shortened due to the conditions, here we see the race official giving the bunch the one lap to go signal!

Photo Credit juels-
Thanks to all who braved the conditions on the day, credit to the photographers for being out there and allowing us to share the condtions with the keyboard warriors of the cycling world.

How much can a Koala Bear?

Spotted in Daisy hill was this little guy, he just wanted a beer!

Images of Spring-2011

Time for spring here in Brisbane, spring means Magpie attacks, flowering Jacarandas, and cycling!

Mt Coot-Tha.

St Lucia-

Brisbane City-

Enjoy your ride!